On today’s eb5superheroes episode, Irina Rostova announces her FREE training program for attorneys called EB5 SUPPORT FOR ATTORNEYS . COM.  Given Irina’s vast EB5 legal experience, successfully representing over 700 families, Irina is giving back to the industry by providing a portal for attorneys with checklists, practice tools, sample filings and more! 

Check out: eb5supportforattorneys.com/!  

Irina currently serves as Managing Director of the Dalmore Group, a FINRA registered securities brokerage firm that assists EB-5 investors in the process of selecting a project.  She is especially renown as a Top EB5 Attorney, and Founding Partner of the Rostova Westerman Law Group, a full-service immigration law firm with a focus on business and investor visas.

Fluent in Russian, Irina is also famous for her IIUSA EB-5 Explainer (in Russian)

Don’t miss out on eb5superhero and WONDER WOMAN Irina Rostova on today’s eb5superheroes podcast!

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