Billions of dollars and families' lives are at stake

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You’re listening to the eb5superheroes podcast. Join Host Matt Trusch as he interviews the EB-5 industry’s courageous men and women – Leaders protecting the path to the American dream for the good-guys, and foiling the sinister plots of the not-so-good-guys. Billions of dollars and families’ lives are at stake! Go behind the scenes, as our eb5superheroes tell their stories of triumph against adversity, paving a brighter future for EB-5. And now, financial engineer, industry expert and EB-5superhero Matt Trusch.

Welcome to the eb5superheroes podcast.  I’m Matt Trusch, your host.

For those of us living in the EB-5 world, we’ve grown thick skin, and learned to buckle up tight, for the rollercoaster ride we lovingly call EB-5.

EB-5 is an incredible federal program that has brought tens of billions of dollars to the US economy, created hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and helped countless families legally immigrate to the US. 

But it’s been a bumpy ride, to say the least.  There have been cases of fraud, swinging pendulums of regulatory uncertainty, unnecessarily long processing times, program sunset and twilight. 

EB-5 was once (and can once again become) the best and fastest and most stable letter-combinations in the alphabet of US immigration paths. 

EB-5 can re-gain its highly competitive position vs. other countries’ immigration investment programs. 

EB-5 is poised to navigate America out of another economic downturn.

Now is the time, more than ever, for the good guys (and good gals) to make the dream a reality again for those who believe in EB-5 and the American Dream!

Meet the eb5superheroes who are on the front lines of making positive change… the courageous leaders who are shaping the course of EB-5 for good, and triumphing against adversity.  Get the inside-scoop, hear their true stories, learn from real-life successes and failures… 

Billions of dollars and families’ lives are at stake!

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